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The New Millennial Gay Experience

Being gay in our emerging new world


Changing the "About Us" Page

Posted on September 21, 2016 at 7:00 PM

By Dennis Stone


Back in this site’s heyday I checked the readership statistics frequently. In the early days readership numbers were gratifying. We were publishing new pieces almost every day, comments were rather frequent, and the emotional rewards were significant. Eventually we had five writers working for the site. It was all new and exciting.


Good things often don’t last, however. Such is life. Eventually the pressures of a demanding job and the needs of the site caused me to burn out and put the site on hiatus. In starts and fits I’ve kept it alive since, but it is now just my personal blog.


When I checked the readership stats yesterday I noticed that several people had checked out the “About Us” page, which I haven’t updated since the first hiatus. Every time I check stats someone has viewed that page, so I decided I should update it to reflect the current situation.


Perhaps surprisingly, the section titled “What Is the New Millennial Gay Experience” still holds up today, though it was written in early 2013. I stand by everything it says, and it still sounds somewhat revolutionary today. I did rewrite the section formerly titled “Contributors.” I changed it to “Who Are We?” and gave a brief history of the site, listing all the guys who wrote for it. Talk about nostalgia! I enjoyed working with all five guys who were at one time regulars, and I hope all are doing great today. I know Dback is teaching full-time and Paul is in college, but beyond that I have lost track. All five guys brought something fresh and interesting to the site, and I’m grateful to all.


Who knows where the site will be a year or two (or ten) from now. It may currently be my personal blog, but as long as the site is up and functional the potential for more exists. I like the last paragraph of my newly rewritten “About Us” page:


“The future? Who knows? The great thing about the idea of “the future” is that it possesses unlimited possibilities.”

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