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The New Millennial Gay Experience

Being gay in our emerging new world


Site Format Change

Posted on December 6, 2016 at 5:05 PM

By Dennis Stone


People who come back to this site with some regularity to see what new outrageous thoughts I’ve had have obviously noticed that I haven’t posted anything for a month. My last post was the day before the election, and the election is the cause of my lack of subsequent activity. There are two reasons. First, the surprising Trump victory threw all of our preconceptions and expectations out the window, and made any other queer subject seem small in comparison. Before addressing any comparatively mundane subjects I wanted to let the election and the resultant high emotions settle a bit.


Second, I wanted to write my own analysis piece about the election, especially since I was disappointed by much of the reaction and analysis from the left and queer communities. I waited two weeks to let my thoughts coalesce, and then I started writing. I finished the piece last week (it’s brilliant!), and it will soon appear here. In the meantime I’m sending it to a couple of major online sites for consideration. It’s too long and too controversial for most sites, I suspect, but I want to give it a shot.


During the past month I’ve given thought to one aspect of this site that has always bothered me: the concept of what I label “blog” pieces vs. “substantive commentary.” The original plan was for me to write a blog piece almost every day, dealing often with relatively inconsequential matters, just my random thoughts about what’s happening in the queer (and sometimes wider) world. I set up an entire category and archive section for the blog posts, and I’ve written several pieces that I’ve put into that section.


I keep running into two problems. First, almost all of my blog pieces start out simple, but then expand and grow as I write. I often wind up converting them to commentary pieces. It’s just the way I am and the way I write.


Second, this site doesn’t have very many regular readers anymore. In the early days, when we posted every day and had multiple writers (five at one point!), the regular readership was reasonably healthy. However, the site’s multiple hiatuses (yes, that’s the correct plural; I looked it up!) and reduction to a one man operation gradually removed the incentive for readers to check out the site regularly. My limited usage statistics show that the pieces categorized as blog postings get little readership, and so it’s not very useful to write them. The majority of the readership appears to be people discovering various articles via Google searches, and then hanging around to read other articles of interest.


Therefore I am abandoning the blog posting idea, and going to a concept of writing only the more substantive commentaries. If I were back in the early days the blog idea would fit in perfectly, and I wish I would have done it then. But for now the single focus of commentary appears to be the best route.

Categories: Commentary

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