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Posted on June 20, 2013 at 2:50 AM

By Andy Nemec

When Dennis approached me to become involved with this site, I only had a rough idea of what he had in mind. I knew there would be writing involved, articles from various people on the site and some features in addition to the site's "mission". However, I had no idea of what it could do until my hands were on the controls. Dennis probably didn't either as he started putting the site together (which is a very big task!). No time to play with the toys, just get the site working and post some content.

As we got things going, we discovered some neat stuff. There is quite a bit of social networking functionality included in the framework of the site. It's not exactly Facebook (and we don't want it to be), but there are some interesting options if you become a member and create a profile.

For instance:

• Create a member profile where you can write a short blurb about you and your interests.

• You can edit your own "Status Message" - what you're up to or what's on your mind.

• There is timeline of your recent activity on your profile page.

• Other members can post comments to you on your profile page.

• On-site private messaging (which has a good set of features).

• The ability to have Friends.

• E-Mail notifications when people leave you a private message or comment.

• Forums (with the ability to change fonts, link and embed pictures in posts) – start your own discussion or post your own material.

That's what we've discovered so far. As time goes on, we may discover more and we'll probably refine the site further. Stay tuned, we'll make announcements when things happen.

For those of you who have joined and set up a profile: Welcome! I'll be putting a short post in the forums about how to edit your profile and manage your settings very soon. It's not too complicated, but there are a couple of things that are easy to overlook.

If you like what you see, tell your friends! The site is open to everyone who has an interest in what we have to say and is LGBT-friendly, no matter their gender or orientation. Friends come in all shapes, sizes and types.

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Reply Carlos
7:07 PM on June 23, 2013 
Great job with the site guys. Wishing you great success
Reply Hue-Man
3:50 PM on June 22, 2013 
I've taken to addressing the original poster in my replies because I'm too dim to understand the organization of the comments. I'm getting used to Disqus' nesting of comments and replies which indents for awhile and shows who you've responded to. I'm not trying to be exclusive by starting with the poser's name, only to clarify the comment I'm reacting to. Don't spend any time on this right now - I'm more interested in content than fancy bells and whistles.
One idea is basic legal documents for gay and lesbian couples, not legal advice but an incitement for 20-somethings to act NOW (I'm updating my will and medical directives this summer) The one that comes to mind is
"A California-based gay man is marking the one-year anniversary of his boyfriend's untimely death with a new video that's both a poignant memorial and a testimony to the lack of rights provided to same-sex couples barred from getting married under current laws."
Reply Cole
5:34 PM on June 21, 2013 
I am soooo happy with this site! :-)
Reply Ulysses Dietz
8:25 AM on June 21, 2013 
Hey, Ella...Ibionicmama...)
Reply Ulysses Dietz
8:24 AM on June 21, 2013 
So, how do I friend people?
Reply Dennis Stone
8:45 PM on June 20, 2013 
Yiannis - I agree with you about those buttons. Though they were better than the 5 star voting system AE used to have. I remember complaining to Michael and Brent about that, and I suggested they substitute the up/down buttons. Michael said others had suggested the same thing, and they soon changed it. (I knew they wouldn't get rid of voting entirely.)

The thing with the buttons is that in a lot of cases it's only people who really hate something who vote, and group opinion can be distorted. Imagine if someone says something controversial and one person votes for it and 5 vote against it. It looks like "the community" hated that comment. But it was only 5 people! Doesn't mean anything.
Reply Yiannis
5:17 PM on June 20, 2013 
You both did great work Andy! May I say, one feature that I'm happy is not the same as FB or AE is the "like" and "dislike" buttons. I never liked these buttons. If one has an opinion on another person's comment, one can always post a reply. It's much more civilized and much less lazy.
Reply bionocmomma
8:52 AM on June 20, 2013 
Love those last 2 sentences. Friendships are inclusive!
Reply Ulysses Dietz
8:01 AM on June 20, 2013 
Yay. Thanks for doing this, guys. I"ve missed you...