Roseanne Barr On Twitter

Posted on October 4, 2013 at 12:40 AM

In the most recent “The Advocate,” editor Matthew Breen had a Twitter conversation with Roseanne Barr. They talked briefly about her 2008 run for President on the Peace and Freedom ticket. She said: “I…learned that ppl think opposing something is more powerful than supporting something, and that is incorrect and backwards.”


That can be applied to Republicans, of course, who seem to subsist on opposing Obama, food stamps, common sense, etc. But it also applies to the gay community, which sometimes seems obsessed with the latest goofball comments from Pat Robertson or Bryan Fischer, or some backwoods congressman in Tennessee. Reading other gay sites there is so much negativity; a reader feels depressed and victimized. That’s one reason the gay marriage fight is so powerful. We’re supporting something, we’re moving forward, we’re talking about the positive side of being gay, about what we can contribute to society. Positivity trumps negativity any day. 

Dennis Stone

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Reply The_Fixer
1:38 AM on October 9, 2013 
Balance, that's what it takes.

Yes, I think there is value opposing some things - horrible laws, discriminatory policies, and the like. You just can't ignore them, and if you never oppose them, you can be put in a victim situation. While I mostly agree with Rosanne, I also think history shows us that if you don't fight injustice, you're doomed to live with it.

However, one has to work from a base of positivity when doing so. It takes clever debate and a reliance on facts, but it can be done. And if all you do is operate from a negative basis, it permanently skews your outlook.

So I guess she's half right. But I love her nonetheless, she's a great thinker and of course, very funny.