NHL Hockey Players Are Supporters

Posted on October 8, 2013 at 5:20 PM

I was reading my new “ESPN The Magazine,” and they relayed the results of a poll recently taken of NHL hockey players. One of the questions was: “Should Olympic athletes show support for gay rights while in Sochi?” The results were quite amazing. 88% of the players said “yes.” You wouldn’t say that unless you yourself were a supporter of gay rights. And that doesn’t mean all of the other 12% are against gay rights because some could hold the opinion that the Olympics is not the place for political expressions of any kind.


I think those results are terrific. Astounding even. A few years ago athletes were saying things like “I don’t think I’d really be comfortable with that.” Or “I think they’d have a really tough time. I guess I wouldn’t be against it if they left me alone.” And anyone who came out publicly in support of gay rights was considered “brave.” And now at least 88% support gay rights. In fact, anyone who flatly said he opposed gay rights would be almost universally criticized. I really don’t think we appreciate how far and how fast we’ve come in just the past few years.


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