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65 years old
United States
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New Millennial Gay Experience

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And old buddy of Andy and Dennis's from AfterElton. Late fifties, partnered with my hubby since 1975. Two teenage kids in high school. 

Museum curator, novelist, facebook junky, m/m romance novel addict.  

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Reply AussiePete
9:05 PM on October 28, 2013 
I go away for three weeks and look what happens when I'm not around to keep you on the straight and narrow!! I would have loved to walk you down the aisle and given you away. At the very least I could have been your flower boy! Most of all I wish I could have been there to witness the marriage being consummated. Maybe even captured on video and posted it on YT. Congrats matey, I am thrilled for you guys. My guess it is a marriage made in heaven. Enjoy the honeymoon. Now that you're married you can toss the rubbers in the bin too!
Reply The_Fixer
11:47 PM on October 21, 2013 
Aww, congratulations! I had a weird idea that you guys would get married! I'd say that it is a very big deal. Good to know that the kids were excited about it, too. Enjoy your married life. Any honeymoon plans? :)
Reply The_Fixer
3:43 AM on October 21, 2013 
Hey, Uly! Congratulations to New Jersey for being the 14? state to make marriage equality part of the "Norm". If you and Gary decide to do the deed, you certainly have my blessing and best wishes!
Reply The_Fixer
2:29 AM on October 10, 2013 
Oh, and love the red shoes in the picture! I recently bought a pair of red sneakers (Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars). People do notice them, got lots of compliments on them. There's something about Red shoes... but I also love your blue ones :)
Reply The_Fixer
2:26 AM on October 10, 2013 
Hey, Uly. Just stopping by to say Hi and wish you well. Liked your article about gay characters, and left a comment, but the system lunched it. Gonna try to re-enter it later. Take care!
Reply Dennis Stone
1:54 AM on September 12, 2013 
Hi Ulysses. Thought you might be interested to know that the article you wrote for us has had the most readers of any article we've ever published. Good job! Got any more? ;)
Reply AussiePete
7:45 PM on August 28, 2013 
You'll love this matey. Went to my doc for blood tests etc, regular stuff like no drama, He couldn't find anything unusual said I was a picture of perfect health. He's lost a couple of kilo, an I told him he looked slim and hot for an old guy. He laughed heaps and said he needed to lose a bit, "I now watch everything that goes in my mouth Pete". Well, I pissed myself and said "So do I matey, have you turned gay all of a sudden?". OMG, it was so fkn funny. I had a grin on my face for the rest of the day. He didn't have a response at first, just sat there his chin on the desk almost. At the door he whispered, "you cheeky bugger, you wait til your next prostate examination". Life is so much fun Uly.

They've found a small lump on Dad's left ball and are checking it out next week, hopefully just a cyst. I offered to squeeze it like a zit through the sack and got a playful slap around the ears. Don told him to JO a couple of times a day like he does sometimes. Some days my Dad despairs! Do your kids tease the shit out of you too? Hugs matey. Busy day today, the clean up from all the Father's Day work (it's this Sunday).
Reply AussiePete
11:20 PM on August 12, 2013 
R U up for a very funny dirty joke matey? If not, go no further and delete this message. I laughed on and off all day yesterday when Friday told me this one. Q. Why don't guys like to rim their lover the morning after sex? A. Have you ever tried pulling apart a grilled cheese sandwich? Now matey, when you've picked yourself up from the floor and regained your composure, I just thought I'd stop by and say hi. Aussies are in the second of a five week national election campaign. Our prime minister announced Sunday that if he is re-elected he will, within 100 days of being elected, introduce legislation allowing gay marriage. The coalition (similar to your Republicans, sadly will not commit at this stage. It may just be that Tommy and I will marry later this year. I just hope I can keep my virginity until then; would hate to be known as a "fallen women" so to speak. Happy days Uly. Hugs and kisses. xxxox Pete
Reply AussiePete
3:32 AM on August 3, 2013 
Matey, I often have guilt attacks cos I have drifted since AE closed. That said, it was a blessing really cos I had no temptation to spend precious work time having on-line fun, I had more time to focus on the business. We expect building to start on the block mid-September, the site has been cleared. It is exciting but there are nights I wake up in a cold sweat thinking "what if" kinda bad shit. Dreadful winter day today, did the shopping and have stayed indoors. Driving rain and winds of the antractic - what Pa would have called "long john's" weather. Reckon no matter how hard or raging I was, if I saw Tommy drop his dacks and he was wearing long john's I'd join the fkn priesthood. The thought of giving him a BJ in long john's fkn freaks me out. I dare not tell or the silly bugger would surprise me when I put my head under the blankets. xoxo Pete
Reply Dennis Stone
1:45 PM on August 2, 2013 
I'd be happy to print anything you come up with! The vision of this site includes not only the new way of looking at things that seems to be developing in some quarters, but also the transition from a viewpoint FORCED on us to a large extent to a viewpoint ALLOWED by a changing society. I hope that sentence made sense! But "validation" is a very interesting concept in this whole dynamic.

BTW, marriages here were legal yesterday, and of course lots of them occurred. I was struck by two things in the television media here. First, the general coverage of the marriages was extremely friendly, and gave a visceral feeling that this isn't just new, but totally natural and overdue. Second, they still felt the need to mention those who oppose the whole thing, and there was a brief mention of NOW funneling money into the state in 2014 to defeat the legislators in basically conservative districts who voted for marriage. I may be biased, but the latter sure gave off the whiff of "lost cause".
Reply The_Fixer
10:44 AM on August 2, 2013 
Hey, Uly. Glad to hear that you had a good birthday. Yeah, I've had to make make time to even be social and comment online. We've been expanding the store I work at and that has meant more work and fewer days off. Hope you get to do some of that sweet traveling on the museum's dime :) Take care!
Reply AussiePete
3:32 AM on August 2, 2013 
Please read as Tommy has a "whole" box of new tricks. You know Uly, the best a golfer can enjoy is a "hole in one". For me the "one" has to be male tho!
Reply AussiePete
1:01 AM on August 2, 2013 
Hi Uly. How're they hangin mate? I've been leading the life of the rich and famous and taken a week off twice in a month. Spent last week in Sydney and let the gay boy in me totally rage; was just sooooo fkn good. Drank way too much piss and ate all the wrong food and came home a couple of kilo heavier - been doing extra laps in the pool and starving myself to get back into shape. Coldest day was 19 so we got some good golf in and every night hit the gay bars. Bliss, total bliss Uly. Tommy cracked the shits big time cos he couldn't take the week off, miss too many lectures. Reckon if he'd been with us we might not have come back home. Just joking! My mate lives a stone's throw from Darlinghurst, epicentre of the Sydney gay precinct, so we able to enjoy the piss and not have to worry about the breathalysers. Took a few days for my liver to detox. The highlight was a two hour drag show in a bar. Anyone who wanted to got a gig. My guts were cramping from laughing. The worst part was touching down coming home, we hit some wind sheer and the pilot dropped the motherfucker onto the tarmac. Nearly shat myself Uly. I had been dozing and when we hit woke quick smart and let go a few expletives I can tell you - biggest bang I've ever heard. Was a case of J,M and J I can tell you. Any news on the graduate? Is he off to uni? You still working your cute little arse off? I've not been on line much lately, too busy with a couple of new ventures. I have listened to everyone one and taken the advice. Once a month a four-day long weekend and every three months a week off. Already crossed the days out, plus my usual whole-of-October off. Only four more weeks of winter tg. Spring is a great time got enjoy a round or two, plan to get a new set of clubs this month, I'm addicted matey. Still haven't fallen preggers yet which is amazing cos Tommy's really into a bit of bondage these days; he has a hole box of new tricks. I always thought rubber gloves were for washing dishes! Just joking! But he likes to be the master. He gets really fkn pissed off if I get the giggles, he tries to be so serious. Hugs and cuddles matey. xoxo Pete
Reply The_Fixer
3:40 AM on July 22, 2013 
Hey Uly, just wanted to drop by and say hello. Not been too active on sites lately, been busy with work. But wanted to stop by and give you my best and hope you and yours have all been well. Take care!
Reply Carlos
2:31 PM on June 29, 2013 
Hi Papa Uly! Hope you and Gary are doing well. Have a great weekend and a big hug
Reply AussiePete
9:57 AM on June 24, 2013 
Uly matey, it's bedtime, 11.32pm. No way will I be as frequent as I was on AE. My business is my focus and the care of my crew. I'm going gang busters mate. When you jump into bed with Gary tonight then squeeze
his nuts and say, "Pete told me to do that". Ito told me about this site. THANK YOU ITO! To all my old AE mates, see much less of me but I'll be around. Bluntly, I need to build my business and will be less visible than on AE. Adore you matey.... Pete
Reply AussiePete
3:45 AM on June 24, 2013 
I meet the most amazing people in life and am enriched by the experience. How is my most favourite fkn museum director/curator in all the big wide world? Hugs and cuddles matey. Am I allowed to say "fuck" on this site without causing anyone some grief? Jeez I fkn hope so cos it's so liberating. Must be something in the Aussie water I reckon, still can't make Tommy preggers!
3:53 PM on June 23, 2013 
Oh, I wasn't hinting for a reply --- just thought I'd already left you a message days ago, but it wasn't there! Then Ella had a problem leaving me a message, & I wondered if it was a site issue, or my bad memory ;-) Ha ha!! Glad to see you here! I've told a few people, but I need to spread the word a bit more --- I want Darrien on here! And where's Ty? You three were always my favourites ;-) Although as I say that I think of quite a few more! Like Andy & Dennis, of course! Ooops! Later! XOXO
11:36 AM on June 23, 2013 
It's funny, but I thought I'd already left you a welcome note ... ? I've just had a PM from Ella, who couldn't seem to leave ma a note on my page either, so please tell me you didn't just delete my note, before I complain to Andy ;-) Ha ha!! This is partially a test, just to see if it sticks or not! Later! XOXO
Reply neyronrose
6:13 PM on June 21, 2013 
Hi, Uly. It's nice to be able to chat online again. Like Andy says, I missed that. I also hope you're having a good summer. Mine has been pretty quiet. I'm planning to go with a garden club friend to Longwood Gardens on July 3rd for one of their fireworks and fountains shows. I'm sure it will be crowded that evening, but it should be quite a display.